Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Stella left us today. She had a good life with lots of adventures. She nested and cuddled with Kacey. She checked up on crying babies. She cleaned Mason. She was loved and loved us. She will be missed dearly and remembered fondly.

Baby Stella 2003

First Christmas 2003

Licking ice 2005

Why is he here? 2006

Mugshot 2006

Chillin 2008

Cleaning 2008

Helping with Nolan 2008
With Nolan 2008

Power struggle 2010

Helping with Liana 2013

Helping with Colin 2017

Nap time 2017

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Maine and New Hampshire

This week, we visited Acadia National Park and the White Mountain National Forest. We decided for a last minute trip with the in-laws of the two areas. Booking last minute, needing two rooms, in Bar Harbor is difficult, but the Days Inn was good enough. We got in to town for a late lunch Saturday and went to the Finback, a place we ate at more than once two years ago when visiting. Following lunch we stopped by the Wild Gardens for a little hike on Jesup Path. Then we proceeded along the Park Loop Road to Schooner Head Lookout. We walked down for nice views of the coast, and Nolan and I went down to view the little cave. Then we stopped at Sand Beach. After enjoying a bit, we headed back in to town for some dinner. We walked around a bit and ended up at Lompoc. We ate here a couple years ago as well.

Sunday we first headed up Mt. Cadillac. The views were great! There was still some fog sitting over parts of the ocean. Next was Thunder Hole. The tide was out a bit, but it was still making some good loud booms for us. After some lunch at The Thirsty Whale we headed back out. Kacey, Nolan, and Liana went to spend some time at Sand Beach, while I drove Colin, Mike, and Maggie around a few more sites. We stopped at Otter Cove and the nearby overlooks for great views of the coast. Then after a quick stop at Seal Harbor, we went to Jordan Pond. The pond and surrounding mountains really looked amazing in the afternoon sun. I also cooled off with the local Old Soaker Blueberry Soda. After picking up everyone at the beach, we went in for dinner at the Bar Harbor Lobster Company. Everyone enjoyed their dinner! Unfortunately, I didn't feel too well that night after eating, which never happens.

On Monday the plan was to hike to Bubble Rock. There was no parking anywhere! I dropped everyone off and somehow found a spot a few miles south at Jordan Pond. I wandered around the pond for a bit before picking them up. We decided to head back in to town for lunch at Side Street Cafe. We started watching eclipse coverage on my phone and then after eating drove out toward Bass Harbor Head Light House to hike in the area and view the eclipse a bit. We hiked Ship Harbor trail out to a nice spot, and then hiked Wonderland trail out for views of the tide pools. We saw crab and a starfish. We also recreated a couple pictures we had done with the kids a couple years ago. After a not fantastic dinner at The Chart Room, we went back in to town for more ice cream and shopping.

Pictures from Maine can be found here.

After brunch at This Way Cafe Tuesday morning, we started the drive toward Mt. Washington. We got there in time to grab a very late bite to eat, check-in, and drive up. While the weather was quite nice in town, the top was completely fogged in, which happens a lot. So only a couple of us got out and walked around a bit and took a few pictures of stuff at the top. That night we ate at Mountain Fire Pizza, which was quite good! I had some of their famous bacon maple pizza.

Wednesday morning we headed for Diana's Baths. This place was packed too, and full of people bathing in the river. It is a site of an old mill. From here we drove

We finished up our trip at Mike's Pastry and Al Dente in the North End of Boston. It was a great finish to our trip!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Colin is 15 months old

Colin is growing well. He is small like his brother was, but super active and climbing. All animals say ruff ruff, even the cats. He is 29.5 in long and 18lbs 5 oz. He says book and can point to things like brother, sister, cat, nose, ears, and mouth.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Colin is One Year Old!

Colin just turned one! He is 17lbs and 29". He is very fast and almost able to climb up on the couch. He is quite goofy and silly. He points a few things out (sis, brah-brah, ma, da, ball) and these are also all words he can use. He eats ok, maybe not quite as good as brother and sister did at this age. He gives great hugs and kisses. He is finally starting to read books instead of eat them.

I re-read Nolan and Liana's one year posts and it is funny (but not surprising) how similar they are!

Goodness, cake is yummy!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Colin is Ten Months Old!

Colin is getting pretty goofy. He baby-talks to us a lot now; it seems like he is sometimes trying to have a little conversation. He is eating most things now and pretty good at chewing. He still doesn't nap very well. He is trying to climb on stuff still, but hasn't YET been able to get up on anything. He is just now starting to point at things, so soon he may be able to point to things that I mention.
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Swinging at the library

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Colin is Nine Months Old!

This little guy is progressing well. He still seems small, but eats ok and is super active. He is walking! He started taking steps a few weeks ago, and now he almost walks more than crawls around. He can stand up quite well without holding on to anything. I need to find some more foods for him to eat. It is funny how you forget what you used to feed the first two kids when they were this age! He is very goofy; laughing and giggling a lot. He likes to dance and wiggle to music. He is also starting to learn how to climb up on things, so that will get interesting. Liana and Nolan both had very kid friendly play areas at this age; Colin, not so much. He still won't lay down for a nap except for maybe once a week. Most days, I still hold him.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nolan is 7 and Colin is Eight Months Old

A little late, but better than never...

Nolan turned 7 and once again we weren't really in a place to have a party. So, we took him to Mystic for the day, then home for pizza and cake. He picked chocolate cake with blue icing and gold sprinkles. He picked out a stuffed octopus from the aquarium and got a new bike.

Colin is so close to walking. He is kinda taking a step, but mostly falling toward me. His fifth tooth popped through and more coming soon I am sure. He is eating bell pepper, cucumber, chickpeas, cheerios, apple, banana, and pear now too.