Thursday, February 25, 2010

Italy, It's Official!

It is pretty much officially official... we are moving to Italy! Kacey has landed an internship with Novartis in Siena, Italy (near Florence). For years we searched for a means within Lilly to get an overseas assignment, but it just never worked out. And now we have the opportunity of a lifetime to live in one of our favorite places ever visited for 7 months! Logistics and planning are going to be tiring and stressful; I am not even going to start listing things here. But we are looking forward to learning Italian and living in a new culture.

We are also looking forward to visiting some European cities as weekend trips that we normally would not get to see. This list has also been started too. (If you have any recommendations, definitely let us know!!) On the list so far: Moscow, Prague, Berlin, London, Glasgow, Dublin, somewhere in northern Africa, Paris, Budapest, Basel, and Warsaw.

We have no idea how big our studio/apartment may or may not be. Hopefully we have room for an air mattress as we hope to get at least a couple visitors. Of course Kacey's parents are up for visiting Italy again. We are hoping we can convince my mom, with the aid of lots of medication, to get on a plane (I am already looking in to non-stop flights to Rome for her). If you are *seriously* interested in visiting with a potential free place to stay, just let us know!

Anyway, I am sure that we will be posting information along the way as we figure out details.

Web Hosting Fun

I just wanted to get a little information out there to anyone looking for some web hosting. I have been with ipower (or ipowerweb) for almost 5 years. Their price is ok and their service is bad, so just hope nothing goes wrong (even though something goes wrong almost every year). Even though they have given me 150GB of space, if you use more than 25GB, you are in violation of their newly revised Terms of Service, and they start deleting files. This may be the last year for as I am about done with them and will transfer all pictures to Flickr. I have already had to move all my videos to my youtube channel.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I write this for you, but mostly for me - to someday remember what life was like here.

Nolan is doing great. We started playgroup back up this week at MIT. It is volunteer ran and this semester I am helping run it. Mostly, I just lug the toys around for the kids, but I am glad to help.

I believe Nolan really understands shapes and colors. We have a couple different books where he can point out shapes and colors (probably half memorization and half learning). He can only say a couple colors, but he can say most of the shapes. I think he is finally starting to learn the number three. He can't quite say it properly, but he is getting close. I frequently count to five with him as I figure the next step shouldn't be four but five. Also, I believe Nolan's first real two syllable word is pasta. For a week or so now whenever you ask him what he wants to eat, he says pasta. Even for breakfast. He got a set of little pots and pans and he likes to make pasta in them! And lastly to add to this long, rambling paragraph, Nolan will now shrug his shoulders with his hands up if he doesn't know something, it is really cute!

This week we should find out where we will be moving this summer. Where ever it is, it is going to be a planning nightmare. We have to find a home for all our stuff, our car, and our cats. We are really, really hoping we can find a student in town who might cat sit for us (if you are reading this, we will pay for food and litter!!!). As for the car, I still don't know if I will drive it back to the midwest or find a cheap place here. A storage unit just for our stuff will probably run us $150/month if we are lucky.

We are also trying to determine if we should do something for spring break. We have considered many things, but don't want to spend too much money. Everything from renting on RV out west to the US Virgin Islands. I guess we will see what deals pop up first! Any suggestions???