Saturday, November 08, 2014

Liana Turned Two!

I completely forgot to write this, and actually thought I had already done so. She is a sweet little girl, but also stubborn at times. She isn't sleeping by herself, and we can't really enforce it living in an apartment as she just screams. (She hasn't been a good napper since about April/May). She eats a good variety of food, but grazes and won't eat much in one sitting generally. She saves it for later and eats all day. She is very good on her feet and loves to climb, almost more so than Nolan! She is counting to 10 and can kind of say her ABCs. She knows most of her colors and animals. She is a pretty good talker and understands pretty much everything we say. Her and Nolan like to play together sometimes (and sometimes it just generates screaming). She misses him while he is at school. She likes to take care of dollies, it is pretty cute. She still won't let us put anything in her hair, even though it gets nasty with food and she pushes it out of her eyes all the time. I believe she is around 34 inches tall.
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She had a little help with this