Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nolan The Climber

Just thought I would post these pictures of the new place I find Nolan a couple times a day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So, What's Been Going On?

Nolan has been growing and learning a lot lately. I thought I would share a couple things.

The past couple weeks, he absolutely loves reading books! He constantly brings me a book and plops down on my lap. I am to the point that I now make up different stories than what the book says. It does get old, but I always tell myself to never deny him doing fun and positive activities. I have always told myself that and try to make it a rule of us being home together, as I am here for him.

He runs and climbs a lot. The climbing hasn't been too problematic yet, but it will probably get that way soon. He is very close to being able to climb in to situations he can't get out of. I let him learn and show him ways to always "get down safely".

He is able to understand many words we say, especially in relation to his toys and books. We are still working on the word no. We usually only need to use no when he is transitioning from playing by himself to wanting attention, as that is when he starts doing some wrong things.

Lately he sometimes uses this screaming thing to get my attention. He doesn't do it constantly so after he screams a little, I then go to him and tell him he can ask me for help. I have been using the word help a lot lately to encourage him to learn and use it. I use it a lot when we are playing and I help him with a toy.

We have been playing a game similar to hide and seek. I say "I am going to get you!" and chase after him. Or I say "You can't get me!" and he chases after me. This usually makes him laugh a lot.

Nolan also gives hug and kisses to us. I usually try to extend the length of time he wants to do it :) I know he won't do this for too long, so I am just trying to soak it up while the gettin' is good!

So other than Nolan, we are working on planning our visitors coming in October. Kacey's parents are flying out for a few days and then my mom is traveling via train for a few days after that. It should be good times!