Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sunday, December 17, 2006


I decided to put our Favorite Italy pictures on Flickr. Originally, I was only going to use Flick for non-trip photos, but with the gift of more space for free accounts, I figured what the heck!

Go Ahead

I dare you, eat half of a good pineapple with chapped lips.

By the way, thanks for the Hawaii fresh pineapple Adam and Amanda.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

They Are Officially Up!

I have been playing with this for awhile, time to let you all look. Italy pictures are up! There is a Favorites folder if you don't have much time, or a slow internet connection.

Enjoy! Feel free to comment, or let me know if you have problems with the site.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Won!

If you haven't heard of Blingo, then here is a quick piece of info. It is a search engine that simply uses Google, but pays you just by searching with it. I won $10 iTunes gift card today, and the person that referred me also wins the same prize! Not too bad for just using my computer.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

We are Home, and its Faster

We are home from Italy! It was very cool. We crammed a lot of sights in, but it was still a good vacation. Pics are coming, but I have to convert from RAW to jpg, and then upload it all. This will take a while. Once the first city, Rome, is done, I will get it up first.

Secondly, the saga of the growing cat continues. We weighed Mason when we got home. He gained almost a pound while we were gone! He is now 11.4 lbs, and still crazy!

Lastly, the faster part. I got a letter in the mail today from our cable/internet provider, Insight, telling us this. Unreal! Who else in the US is at 10Megs? I bet a few big cities are there, but Insight is mostly a rural provider for southern Indiana. I am impressed, thanks Insight!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Gettin Ready to Go!

We finally got our trip planned, so we are heading to Italy soon! Pics will be up after we get back, you will just have to wait and see...

Thanks, Eric, for sending me this link. This is cool! I gotta do this some time.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Mason is officially 10.2 pounds. If we leave the cat food out, he claws at it because he is always hungry! He is even eating bugs because he is so hungry! Here is a nice pic of the cats.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Finally back

It has been a busy couple of weeks, but I am alive. The manufacturing plant I work in is going through upgrade projects right now. My project took me 9 days or so WORKING 14 hour days, but it is done. And, just as things were supposed to slow back down, I dislocated my finger playing soccer two nights ago, so playing volleyball is out now (my favorite sport). So, now I won't have much going on at all.

Man, typing with 1 hand is terrible!

The first Pacers pre-season game is tonight. We will see how it goes. This whole story with Jack and Tinsley is still strange to me; I don't know how to take it yet. These are the two guys I thought the Pacers should have got rid of (knowing that no one really wants them though). I have hope for the new guys, though.

I have created blog alerts. Even though I am pretty sure no one else out there wants to be alerted when I write something, let me know if you do.

Mason is growing like a weed! He is up to 9.6 pounds, and still skinny! (He is tall and long). I snapped this last night.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another Reason to Love Sears

Those of you that know me, know that I love Sears. Not only the store, but the brands. Here is yet another great reason to love Sears.

This is their online parts store. You type in ANY Sears brand model number, and you get a diagram and parts list. I have used it twice this week for my mower and my drill; both of which I abuse and after this much time, you expect to have a replace a few parts here and there. Its MUCH cheaper than buying a new tool of another brand because you can't buy replacement parts.

I also used it for our dishwasher. Last year it started leaking, so I pulled up the parts diagram from the Sears parts store, and was able to use it as a guide when I tore it apart to replace the seal that was bad (which of course I was able to order as well).

Lastly, my grandpa gave me his old angle grinder because the motor went out. Now, they don't make them this big anymore, but even though it was old, I decided to check the Sears part store. Sure enough, they still have parts for it!

Just something to think about when you buy new tools and household items.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Last Weekend and Your Life Expectancy

Last weekend we went caming with some of my friends from college. I thought it was a lot of fun. I learned a new game, played some washers, canoed for a few hours, did some hiking, its was relaxing. The river was alittle low, so canoeing took a little more effort than normal, but oh well. The weather was nice, food was good, good times. My wife doesn't really like camping too much, but she played some games and hopefully wasn't too bored.

So I am stealing this idea, but its still cool. This site,, calculates how old you should live to be. I should live to be 88 years old. Leave me a reply with your life expectancy.

A Little Pacers News

I certainly hope so...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Falling Away

I have been looking forward to this CD for a few weeks now. I thought the radio single "Invincible" sounded different. Lead singer Tony Byroads left the band to be with his family. It is obvious where the creative talent and sound came from here. This new CD isn't bad, but they should have changed their name from Crossfade, this is a much different sound. I am let down.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Done Deal

Now, we just need a reliable perimeter shooter. . . Reggie?? I know, I know, but seriously, Jackson should not be our man. And from some reading between the lines of Walsh and Bird, they are not done yet.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Little Music, Please

First, Red

Red is a relatively new band to me and to the major record business. A couple months ago I was searching the internet for some Christian rock bands, and came across Red. There were at the top of multiple charts, and their CD wasn't even out yet. I listened to a couple tracks, and wow. Their new CD, End of Silence, is fantastic. The vocals are strong, the melodies enthrolling, and the lyrics are inspiring. I like the fact that their lyrics can be interpreted about real life situations (which they are, read their bio), and about a relationship with God. If you like rock, you will like this CD, give it a listen, and tell me what you think.

Next, I just wanted to mention a couple other songs. The song This Life by Sevendust is really cool. He is writing about his soon to be born child. I won't put the lyrics here, but go check it out.

Lastly, I also like the band Cold. Their latest CD, A Different Kind of Pain, is really good. As I have been reading lyrics to songs more lately, this song was very interesting. I read the lyrics today to the song When Angels Fly Away, and was surprised. It made me think about all the families affected by the war, and I pray that they know that some people understand and appreciate all they are doing.

I'll make a soldier's decsion to fly away
load my gun, paint my face, call me misery
i can see the sky light up and the ground explode
got my sights locked in, i can see you breathe
there i watched you fall and somebody scream
it's the saddest thing when angels fly away

i can't be home tonight
i'll make it back it's alright
no one could ever love me
half as good as you

got a badge for my scars just the other day
wore it proud for the sake of my sanity
i could see the flames burn bright from the winding road
like a haunting page from our history
watched a young girl cry and a mother scream
it's the saddest thing when angels fly away

i can't be home tonight
i'll make it back it's alright
no one could ever love me
half as good as you (half as good as you)
you can't be strong tonight
love makes you sad it's alright
no one could ever worry
half as good as you (half as good as you)

half as good as you

i can't be home tonight
i'll make it back it's alright
no one one could ever love me
half as good as you
you can't be strong tonight
love makes you sad it's alright
no one could ever worry
half as good as you...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Its Been Awhile, Here is a Few Things

So we just got back from vacation. It was a good time, but too quick. Kacey's family goes to Ocean City, NJ every summer. Lots of junk food and playing games while staying at the Forum Motor Inn. I only took a couple pics, nothing too exciting there.

The Pacers are hard at work. I am mostly anxious right now to see what Larry and Donnie do regarding our perimeter shooting. Everyone knows its a problem right now, and Donnie acknowledged it in an interview.

Alan and Ericka had their baby!! We went to see the baby before they headed home, and before we left for vacation. Courtney is a little cutie! Alan put some pictures up that they took during the first few days. Congrats to the happy parents!!

It has been a busy summer. Its not over yet.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Does anyone out there have any recommendations for an online investment site?

Also, destinations in Italy and Austria? We are still hoping to go this year.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kitty Showdown 2006

What a competition! But luckily for the owners, the war never broke out. Here are some shots from the action...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Quick Video

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Yesterday was his trip to the vet. He appears to be very healthy! (and big pawed)

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup Hopes Over

Well, I got home from work today and was fortunate enough to not hear the scores all day. The first half was alittle exciting, but all in all, the US just didn't have it in them this year.

My brother, in the events of getting married last weekend, received an email regarding a job he applied for at Lilly. So while he is on his honeymoon this week, he was asked to interview! Its good news. The job is a Fixed Duration Employee job. I don't know much about it, but it atleast gets him some experience at Lilly. His job will only be 12-15 fixed months, then he has to find another job. The hope would be that there might be something at Lilly after its done, but who knows. We will see how the interview goes.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

An Exciting Weekend

This weekend, my younger brother Adam was married to Amanda Love (now Amanda Phillips)! It was a great weekend. I was the best man and I was honored to stand next to my brother on this memorable day. I wasn't nervous for my speech as I have done this a few times, but I couldn't really read my notes (oops). Since I hadn't looked over the notes much, I struggled to read. Oh well, the cake was good. Oh yeah, and they are extremely happy!

Luckily, there was a TV in the basement of the church, so we were able to make an antenna out of a piece of wire and catch some of the World Cup! Way to go US. This Thursday might have to be a long lunch off site :) It should be a good game versus Ghana, who looked great against Italy.

Take care everyone.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Weekend

This weekend we went camping at Turkey Run State Park for my brother Adam's bachelor party. It was a great weekend! The weather was awesome, hiking was good, people were cool. We played washers, cornhole, frisbie, basketball, and took a canoe trip. The river was nice, but unfortunately my cousin Jacob lost his wedding ring while we were tipping each other's canoes over (he didn't notice until we got back to camp).

Monday, May 22, 2006

Thanks A lot Wendys

So, for reasons I am not going in to now, I am eating much, much less cholesterol and fat nowadays. I have mostly been watching what I eat during lunch. I recently have been enjoying the Wendy's Chicken Grill and a side salad (just replace the fries with salad, a good deal). Then yesterday, Kacey noticed on the Wendys web site that this sandwich has 70mg of cholesterol!!! What?!?! This is more than a Classic Single!! Unreal. So, we did some thinking and Arby's has Chicken Natural sandwiches. 0mg of cholesterol, cool. And, I can get a baked potato with alittle butter, and there you go! So, thanks Wendys for ruining your chicken sandwich. Man, how hard do you have to try to make a chicken sandwich that unhealthy for you!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Maybe I Can Help

If you are a Comcast cable customer, and missed that 70's Show Finale, come on over. We DVR'ed it (as we are on Insight). Too bad we don't watch Will and Grace, or CSI, or OC, we would have recorded them as well for those of you that went through this.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Yeah, so I am hooked. This is now my favorite thing to do during lunch. Somehow, I see it as a break. I like this particular one because it has a nice interface.

Indystar Daily Sudoku

I like to do 3 stars and below without notes. Not many 4 stars, so haven't attempted it without notes yet.

In other news, we are still planning on Italy this fall. We still need ideas! Surely a reader out there somewhere has been and has an idea or two. We are contacting the travel agent soon.

Lastly, my good friend Tom and his wife are moving in next door. There will be one house in between the two of us. They are great people, and Tom and I have been roommates before, so I know we can get along. We were roommates when I met Kacey and he met his wife. Finally, we will know a neighbor!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Well, I would like to thank Anthony Johnson for showing up to play in this series against the Nets. Especially game 6; AJ had the game of his career, literally! O'Neal, on the other hand, only showed up for one game. AJ is undoubtedly the MVP of this team in the series for having the heart it takes to win games. As for the others, well, the bench didn't even score in game 6. The combination of AJ (and Granger) and whatever new talent the Pacers will pick up this summer is what excites me about next year. He isn't the best PG in the league, but right now, he deserves the 1 spot for the Pacers.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


So I watched Ong-Bak last night. Its a Thai fight movie, but its pretty good. I am a fan of Jet Li, but man, Tony Jaa is cool. If you liked Unleashed (Danny the Dog), then you might like this movie. It is subtitled, but who cares, its good fightin'.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pics are up

We're Back

So we just got back from our trip to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. Learned a few things about the area... We had a relaxing time, though. We plan on writing some letters to some Food Network people and ask them to open a decent restaurant in that area! Nothing was terrible, some was ok, but there is nothing that looks both really nice and tastes really good. That and the traffic and the amount of touristy stuff (I knew there was some, but wow), not sure when we will get back there. We did have some nice hikes in the Smokies, though.

Pics will be up soon.

Monday, April 17, 2006

My MyHeritage

Ok folks, my turn. This is not doctored...

My #1 was John Ritter, but this is a much funnier #2.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ug, Pacers, What Can I Say???

Frustrated? Upset? Sad? Bored?

I don't know, but I do know Mr. Walsh and Mr. Bird have got some work to do. How drastic will it be? Who knows. But, I don't think this is a problem that will work itself out. We've tried that. I think its time for changes.

People I really like:
Sarunas (so much controlled emotion)
Fiesty Foster
Granger (my rookie of the year!)
AJ (the rock)
Predrag "Peja"
Harrison (leaps and bounds this year)

Croshere (just too expensive, sorry Cro, take a pay cut and stay)
Jack (too unstable)
Carlisle (maybe they just don't listen to him anymore??)

Those I don't like:

Give me your thoughts!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

YouTube Rules

I like Mad TV. Recently, there have been a coulpe skits that have made me laugh hard, and even made Kacey laugh (and she doesn't like Mad TV). Here are two that I really like...

Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I can't stop laughing.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

How About This For A Trip

Should we do this???

Click here!

Ugh. Instead of this, we are going to Gatlinburg. Should be relaxing.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Trip Ideas???

So we are looking to take a long weekend later this month. Does anyone out there know where we should go??? We have considered Scottsdale, AZ, and San Antonio. Hopefully its warm where we end up.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Friday, March 24, 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006


I don't think I have a picture up of our kitty, Stella, so here you go.

She doesn't really realize how hard it is to type while she is sitting on my lap at the computer play-biting my hand.

Friday, March 17, 2006

With Love

"How wonderful it is to have something so precious, that makes saying goodbye so hard." - Unknown

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stevie Wonder Makes People Look Foolish

So we watched American Idol because they are singing Stevie Wonder, and he is on the show. So these poor people are trying to sing Stevie, and only the finest in the world can do this.

The first guy sang "Do I Do". Atleast he knew the song, but vocals were weak. The next chick sang "Blame It On the Sun". First, she didn't even really know Stevie Wonder, and she destroyed the song. You almost feel sorry for them having to sing Stevie, he can make you look foolish. The next guy was a huge Stevie fan, and he sang "Knocks Me Off My Feet". He did alright. He had a lot of respect for what he was asked to do. Another guy sang "Superstition". He didn't have a clue. Another chick sang "Lately", and forgot some words. Please. Taylor did a good job with "Living for the City". Why didn't someone sing "Sir Duke"?????

Ok, thats enough. Have a good week everyone. Go listen to some Stevie Wonder.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Will Be Getting Alittle Dumber Tomorrow

Thanks right folks, tomorrow morning I am having my wisdom teeth taken out. It shouldn't be that bad. They have all come in, none are impacted, and when I was in 5th grade, I had 4 baby teeth pulled at once.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Who has been to Italy? Austria? Switzerland? Let me know, we are wanting to go this year and are starting to plan.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

An Interesting Few Days

This is where my mother-in-law works. Another link, and pic I stole that Eric found.
We don't need no water

Oh, and by the way, this is where my father-in-law works. Just tons of great news this weekend!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


So our church has just started something called a Shabbat. It is taking place during Lent, but not really related. There are a lot of details to this, but it is basically a rest period. We the church are being challenged to do four things...

Focus on Rest
1 - Give up all church activities (basically, meetings at church) except for Sunday morning worship.
2 - Give up one non-church activity.
Focus on Relationship with God
3 - Use the Daily Shabbat devotional provided by the church during our quiet time (created by reducing activities).
4 - Learn and practice one new spiritual habit.

We aren't really supposed to get caught up in the rules, they are just guidelines. This Sunday will be the first service during Shabbat, so we will see what happens. I know for us, since we don't have kids, we aren't nearly as busy as some of the parents at our church. But, once being a kid that got ran around, I can appreciate what its like. I hope this time does create rest and relationships.

In other news, my father-in-law Mike works for Dana. If you follow financial and business news, you may know that Dana isn't doing very well right now. Keep the Fetchos in your prayers as we see what the future holds.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Maybe You Can Hire...the A-Team

In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...the A-Team.

Wolfgang's Vault

I just heard about this on Bob and Tom late last week. For you classic rock fans out there, get ready for Vault Radio! I have been listening, and its cool. Take a listen! Here are some details...

About Vault Radio

Bill Graham and his concert promotion company, Bill Graham Presents, produced more than 35,000 concerts all over the world. His first venue, the legendary Fillmore Auditorium, was home to many of rock's greatest performers - Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Prince - and the list goes on and on.

Graham taped thousands of live performances and stored the tapes in the basement of the BGP headquarters. These tapes and the concerts they captured lay dormant until the Bill Graham archive was acquired by Wolfgang's Vault (Bill Graham's given first name was Wolfgang) in 2003.

Vault Radio is now playing selected tracks from these concerts in an FM-quality, 128K digital radio stream. Songs will be added to and removed from the radio show on a regular basis. We will be broadcasting unaltered live performance music from many of the greatest bands of the last 40 years. The music you hear on Vault Radio has not been sweetened or polished. You'll be listening to what the band played that night - nothing more, nothing less.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Smoking Ban in Greenwood, IN

On the news tonight, it was reported that Greenwood is voting tonight on a smoking ban. I know these have been instituted in many other cities, but here is my problem. I know many people have made the statement, "You don't have to go there". I agree with this. But the thing that really gets me upset is this. When we ban all the places that people can smoke, that means we are forcing them all to smoke in one major spot. If you are at work and can't smoke outside, where do you do it? In your car after work. If you are at dinner and can't smoke, where do you do it? In your car after dinner.

So what is my point??? I don't think you can sit there and tell me you haven't noticed how many people throw cigarette butts out of their car windows. And if you haven't noticed, just watch for it. You probably won't even have to try hard. I feel it is a problem that has run out of control. Its everywhere! Even officers are doing it! What kind of example does that set? Yes citizens, its ok to throw cigarette butts out of your car, because I am doing it.

I don't know who I need to tell this to, but this is a start. Smokers, I believe you should be allowed to smoke in bars and areas of restaurants. But please, do us all a favor, please don't throw your butts on OUR streets and roads.

Agree, disagree? Link to this post, get people to think about this!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Try Google

So its kinda cool, if you Google Chris and Kacey, you get our page! (Mostly because of how Kacey's name is spelled). Regardless, we are #1 on Google and its cool, thats all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Worst Day - Finale

Ok, so from the PR doctor, I drove back to the hotel. Still very sick, very tired, very hungry, just wanting to feel better. I was now thinking that I would feel better soon, but I was wrong. Luckily, there are Walgreens in PR, and one very near the hotel. I walk over there as soon as I get back from the doc. Although I can't read the prescription card, I figure they can. After a brief talk with the pharmacist (who doesn't speak very much english), I find out that I have to wait 2 hours. Just another reason to love the health benefits we have here. (Note, today, I had to wait about 15 minutes for meds). So, I decide to wander back to the hotel and I say to myself, in 2 hours, I will FINALLY start to feel better.

On my way back, I decide to get some juice from the grocery store since I am out. This is pretty much my favorite place to buy juice and fruit and other little snacks while I am on the island. Its close and easy. This time, no go. My corporate card was declined. What???? Can that happen??? I just pay with my personal card and move along, I want the juice pretty bad.

On my way to the hotel, I call the corp card 800 number. He explains that since I am over the $1500 limit, I can only use the card at certain "ok" locations related to business travel. I say "Isn't food an ok location?" He says "No, grocery stores are not approved by your company." Great! I am (at this time) supposed to be here another week! I am guessing, since I normally stay at the Embassy, and they charge your card when your stay is complete, that this is why this has never happened. But, I guess the Holiday Inn is different. Just another reason to stay at the Embassy.

So, I wait out the two hours. I tried to nap, but I am not a napper. Between some History channel and trying to nap, its now almost 5. Time to head to Walgreens. Finally, relief is close. When I get there, they inform me that they are out of the Brand name of one of my required meds. I say "So what, then just give me the generic!" Luckily, they hurry this preparation along since it has already been two hours. I hand them my RX card. I wait. She comes back and says "Sorry, your card is not working." Ug. What else. They call the company and they claim that I am not covered. I can't do the wait I experienced justice. It was horrible. I felt so terrible. After 40 minutes, I said "Forget it, I am in too much pain, I will pay out of pocket." Wow. Zithromax, 3 pills, $80. In all, I paid $180. (Luckily, we have since figured this out, and tomorrow we are going to Walgreens to resubmit the expense).

Well, I buy some water too, and just get back to the hotel. I say finally, relief is in sight. I take my meds and relax alittle in the room. After a few hours, something is happening. Although my head is clearing, my throat is beginning to hurt. Its kinda weird. By time I go to bed, I can't really swallow water, and when I do, its extremely painful. I don't even feel like trying to attempt food because of the pain. So no food since breakfast, and I am exhausted. Time to attempt some sleep, but due to the pain, its not working.

Finally, after a few 30-60 minute sleeping sessions, its Saturday morning.

Unfortunately, this kept up all weekend. I called to talk to my doctor's nurse on Saturday, she said let the meds work alittle more and call the doc Monday morning. I spent all day Saturday in bed, sweating, trying to sleep, trying to drink water, hopeing the pain goes away. I take a couple steamy showers, drink some tea, nothing. By Sunday morning, the room STINKS from sweat, the sheets are all wet from sweat, I have had some grapes and a banana, and I still can't swallow. Its time to go home.

Luckily, my boss is cool. He tells me to get home. And even though the northeast is a mess, I get a flight through Philly for Monday afternoon. I start taking Tylenol for pain, and it helps me sleep some Sunday night, thank goodness.

I am now back home, I saw my doctor this morning, and I am on more anti-biotics WITH pain killers! Ug. Diagnosis. . . upper respitory infection. Ears, throat, head. I am very fortunate that the flight home with pressure fluxes didn't hurt more than it did.

Well, take care everyone. We should all feel very fortunate to have such great health options here in the states who can see us quickly, care for us personally, and do what it takes to make their fellow man feel better. I am also grateful that I have a wife who supported me, even when I couldn't talk back on the phone from the throat pain, and a God who gave me strength through his Spirit.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Worst Day - Part 2

So, I am now heading to the doctor. I am not 100% sure where this is. No roads or streets really have signs, only highways. The plazas are all kinda run down, and I am heading to Iturregui Plaza. All I know is that it is near a big mall (on the left), then on my right should be a funeral home, and then is the plaza. As always, the roads are jammed pack full of people, everyone in a HUGE hurry to get no where. I was amazed that I found it on the first try. After I was buzzed in, I walk into the very full waiting room; it is now 11:30.

The place is tiny, and full of people. No one is in the little room where the receptionist should be, so I take a seat and start waiting. After a few minutes, a woman appears at the window; I approach her and she starts talking in spanish (as most people do to me even though I am white). I smile and say "No espanol, do you speak english"? She looks at me and says "A little". Oh crap. This is all I can thing right now. Luckily, a woman in the waiting room stands up and says "Can I help"? Ah, I am saved! I tell this woman that I am in Puerto Rico for work from the states, and that I work at Lilly, and that they send people here who are sick. She translates to the receptionist, and the translator speaks back to me "Put your name on the sheet". Thats it. No long forms, insurance, no nothing. Ok, let the waiting begin. Oh, I am also informed that the doctor DOES speak english. If I had gotten the response back that he didn't, I was outta there and hopeless.

There are a lot of people in the room, but I am optimistic (mostly because I am sick and I must remain optimistic). And, if I were a better writer I could create suspense and entertainment by writing out my agony of the wait, but I am too tired and not creative enough.

I waited 2 and a half hours.

It is now 2. I haven't eaten since breakfast, and haven't had any water since 11. Luckily my runny nose hasn't been much of a problem during this wait as I had no more tissues on me. Now right before I am called in, the receptionist hands me a notepad and a pen and says in broken english "Name, address, phone number".

When I head back to the doctor, he warmly greets me and tells me I am welcome in his office (of course, its broken english). He asks me the standard health questions, to which I respond. He says "So you were a healthy boy before Monday". I say "Yes Sir". He asks me what hurts and I reply. We quickly move into his checkup room. He has me take off my shirt and check all the stuff doctors check. He says "Put on clothes, how you say?" I reply "You are correct, put on your clothes". We go back to his office and he says he is giving me 3 prescriptions. Cough medicine (which I really don't have one), clarinex (for my head/sinuses), and Zithromax (anti-biotic, which is all I really wanted). I say thank you very much, he says my pleasure, and please come back if you don't feel better by Tuesday.

I then return to the receptionist and she says "Insurance". Well, I don't figure my card works here, but I hand it to her anyway. She stares at it for about 30 seconds, then shrugs her shoulders and hands it back to me. I say ok. She says "Twenty" and I hand her a credit card. Again, she stares and me and says something in spanish. I stare at her because I do not understand. She says something in spanish again, I continue to stare at her. My guess is she doesn't take credit cards. Luckily, a couple other people waiting say cash. I, unfortunately, do not have cash. I have no reason for cash on this trip. Again, the people waiting tell me "Go to the Walgreens down the road and get cash". I say ok. If I were a less moral man, they would never have seen me again, but I am grateful for the doctor, so I go for cash.

As I pull out of the lot, I see the Walgreens. I go to the ATM and figure "I will get $40 while I am here". Good thinking Chris. I return to the doctor and hand the receptionist a $20. She looks at me and says "No, $40". Now, I recall my team leader here and the lilly doctor saying it will be $20, and I could have sworn she said $20 the first time. Although I am sure she just stole $20 from me, I give her the $40 because I don't know how to argue with a woman who doesn't speak english, and I really wanna get my prescription filled.

Ok, enough for now, I have worn myself out again. Don't worry, more to come.

Oh, and by the way, my throat has been swollen since Friday afternoon. Which means I can barely swallow water. The only foods I have attempted are grapes and a banana. Thats all I have had since Friday morning, and its now Sunday morning. Also, all I have done is lay in bed and sweat, so my sheets and room smell horrible right now.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Worst Day - Part 1

February 10th, 2006

So I have been working in Puerto Rico all week, and I have been pretty sick. But, I have been working through it, drinking lots of water, getting rest, and taking Tylenol Cold and Sinus (usually does the trick for me). As of Friday, instead of getting better, I was getting worse. So Jaime, the team leader down here, told me to go to the infirmiry. He tells me how to get there, and I head over. I wait at the guard shack for PR02 for about 20 minutes before I am escorted to the doctor. When I get to the doctor, they proceed to tell me that they cannot squeeze me until later next week, and that I should go to a non-Lilly doctor. After I beg and plead that they squeeze me in because I don't know where anything is here, I don't know how health benefits work here, and I am very sick. They still say no without hesitation. I then call HR Direct to find out how this all works. They say that I can go to a doctor and turn it in as out of network emergency, so I proceed to get the car, get directions (kinda), and head out. This so far has taken all morning; its 11. To be continued.

Tired, will type more later.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A couple things

First of all, I am back in Puerto Rico. This time, I am in my room during the Superbowl, and am missing Valentine's Day with my wife (who I miss very much). Oh, its grand here. At least I know that I helped make some more insulin.

Next, I am sad to say that Bender has made a decision. I am sorry that he never got a chance to shine, because he would have. Hopefully the Pacers' appeal to the league regarding cap relief goes well.

Third, as I sit and write this, the infamous Superbowl commercials came on the TV in my PR hotel room. THEY CHANGED THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don't even get to see the cool commercials :( They are all in spanish and obviously NOT the originals.

I am out.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Stupid MTV

This morning as I showered, I heard some Pink Floyd on the radio. It reminded me how much I hate MTV. Here is why...

While watching Live 8 last year on MTV, it was awesome to watch as Pink Floyd (with Roger Waters) performed together for the first time in 25 years. Now, I am not old enough to say I remember this whole time, but I do understand it. And it was incredible! There was an energy there. Then, while playing Comfortably Numb, MTV does what. . . they start talking, over Pink Floyd, with the camera on the MTV idiots! Seriously! MTV, you have ruined what a lot of people think of music!

Thanks a lot MTV!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Here we go again

Looks like on a 2 day notice, again, I am traveling to Puerto Rico for work. This time, the work will not be interesting, but I will be traveling with a co-worker, so that will help. Nothing like 2 weeks in the land of sunshine, and I won't see the sun for 2 weeks!

On a lighter note, I received this picture as an attachment on a forwarded email. This picture perfectly describes our kitty, Stella. She is orange tiger stripe and loves to drink from the faucet.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fun with Favicons!

So I played around, and created a favicon for our web site. Check it out. You may have to save the page as a favorite before you see it. (BTW, a favicon is the little icon that shows up next to the URL of a web site in your browser). Also, I finally figured out a design I like for the site, so I have begun implementation. I still have some work left to do, but getting close. Its up now as of last night.

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I don't even like CSI, but its in HD Dolby Digital, I am watching!

PBS in HD, thats cool too!


For those of you out there wanting a free method of keeping in touch with college and high school friends, try Facebook. Its nice and free. You will need a college email account, but nowadays, for those of us out of college, you can get free alumni email forwarding accounts from your school.

Its Done

Peja, welcome. I am excited to see how this prolific shooter will help our post presence.

Monday, January 23, 2006

New Toy

So we have been thinking about buying a TV for a few months now (since mine died). I had written off buying one until after the Superbowl due to price cuts then, but when the 50" Sony SXRD went on super 25% off sale, it was time.

Time to rearrange the living room.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Just listen to me, I know what I am talking about

To me, music is important. I don't think I could make it through a day of work without my iPod anymore. Luckily, my wife is also into music; we share a lot of the same tastes in music (which helps with CD purchases), but not always. Here are a couple recommendations that you may feel are old, outdated, boring, slow, whatever. These are two artists I started listening to in high school. Both are extremely talented musicians/groups who are still to this day making music after decades.

--Stevie Wonder--
Some Favorite Song Titles: I Wish, These Three Words, Overjoyed, Ribbon in the Sky, Knocks Me Off My Feet, You and I, Superstition, Blame It On the Sun, I Believe, Sir Duke, Living for the City, For Once In My Life, That Girl

Some Favorite Song Titles: Lets see, the entire first album (under the name Chicago Transit Authority), the entire second album (you have to listen straight through), the fifth album (one of my favorite first records, which I still have), Alive Again, Old Days, Free, and a lot of the ninth album (Greatest Hits 1)

I have many, many, many more favorite songs of many genres. If you would like to discuss music, or view my library, let me know.

I really, really don't understand what the deal is with running stop signs. It is becoming so prevalent that I now assume most people will do it. In my observations I can even watch cars and a lot of times tell who will do it. And what's worse, are the stop signs at work (we have many). They might as well not even be there because they give a false sense of security to me, the pedestrian, that a car might actually stop there. I just get sick of feeling that people feel that their life is so much more significant than everyone else's that they must rush ahead of others to save precious seconds causing frustration and worry to those abiding by the laws.

And don't even get me started on those people with 'Kids First' license plates, speeding through school zones... but I digress.

I am revamping the new site as I never really liked the way it started. I just got something going originally. I am close to a layout I like and soon, I can leave it alone for a while.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Some Random Stuff

Vote for your Pacers for the All-Star Game 2006! Just click here to select JO, Jack, JT, and Foster. Wait, did I leave out Artest. . . YUP!

Happy First Birthday Jacob Zembrodt!

Tonight is the second annual Gingerbread House Build-offs! Good luck to all the contestants.

Oh, and to the residents of Westerville, Ohio, remember your DD!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Some cool news

As you may or may not know, my brother Adam is getting married to a great gal in June this year. We are all very excited for them!

Growing up with him was typical farm boy antics - chasing each other with shovels and baseball bats, torturing each other off all the time, playing tricks like giving them Christmas presents of stuff you stole from them previously - you know, the usual.

But, things changed after I went to college. We actually started talking to each other. We even hung out at each other's fraternity house a few times. When I got married in '04, I asked him to be in my wedding because he had become a good friend of mine.

Tonight he asked me to be the Best Man in his wedding; I wasn't really expecting to be offered that high an honor. I am very excited that I can stand next to him on the day he joins lives with Amanda.

May God bless your relationship and your future marriage.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ug, its done

So Eric is on his way to F-dub. Last night wasn't too bad loading the trailer. . . except for the fact that the fridge didn't fit in the trailer as of about 11pm. I was convinced we could lift it into the bed of the truck (and I was right). Oh, it was good fun in the dark, freezing cold. Good luck to those of you taking it out :)

Good luck at Lincoln Eric! Oh, and be sure to get to know your neighbors by introducing yourself using the bull horn, HA!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

You Know You Are Old When...

Ok, its not like this is the coolest thing ever, but here it is. I was reading my Consumer Reports mag, and learned something new about certain dishwasher detergents. Some have Enyzmes that help break down the food so you don't need any prewashing at all. I even did a test and the stuff removed burned cheese off of a dish without the Hi-Temp wash, no problem.

So I am now hooked on 2in1 ActionPacs from Cascade.

You can laugh at me, its ok.