Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Yeah, so I am hooked. This is now my favorite thing to do during lunch. Somehow, I see it as a break. I like this particular one because it has a nice interface.

Indystar Daily Sudoku

I like to do 3 stars and below without notes. Not many 4 stars, so haven't attempted it without notes yet.

In other news, we are still planning on Italy this fall. We still need ideas! Surely a reader out there somewhere has been and has an idea or two. We are contacting the travel agent soon.

Lastly, my good friend Tom and his wife are moving in next door. There will be one house in between the two of us. They are great people, and Tom and I have been roommates before, so I know we can get along. We were roommates when I met Kacey and he met his wife. Finally, we will know a neighbor!


CB said...

Talk to Jim Pattison; I know he's been to Italy...

Kaco said...

I personally find it amusing that Sudoku is under "Living" in the menu bar, not "Entertainment". Many interpretations!