Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nolan is 5 and Liana is 10 months

Our little guy turned 5 last week. He has adjusted pretty well to going to school here in Ireland; his teachers said if you didn't know who was new in class, you would never guess it was him. The little kids here use language not normal for 5 year olds in the states, but acceptable here. They are not good words. So we are already teaching him about other people making bad decisions and bad words. He seems to understand. He is still really in to creating his own Lego creations. He doesn't ever really follow any instructions, he just builds what he has been thinking about lately. He is a good big brother, and Liana loves him a lot. She laughs at him and watches him all the time. Nolan has also started eating hot sauce; I don't think many 5 year olds like Tabasco. We live next door to a little Irish girl named Rosa; she is such a doll! They have a lot of fun playing in the garden and we were very blessed to get to live next door to such nice people.

Since Liana learned to walk, she has just gotten faster and more determined. She is quite stubborn at times too. She can climb through tables to get where she wants, and climbs in boxes, pushing me right out of the way. Her balance is quite good and loves to hang on to the swings in Rosa's yard while they swing around. She seldom sits still, she really likes to be on the move. She likes to eat many different foods. She says cat, dad, and mom. And she tries to talk to the cats sometimes by doing a high-pitched squeal at them. And she still loves playing and wrestling with Nolan, even when it gets a little rough.