Friday, March 13, 2015

Colin is Three Months Old! And other updates...

Colin is three months old! He gives lots of smiles, but makes funny/scared faces for the camera. So, mostly the smiles are just for us. His legs are quite strong and seems like he really wants to roll over. He likes playing on his back some, hitting the hanging toys with his hands. I think he is close to giggling, but not quite there. He is cooing at me some.

Liana is almost 2.5. We are starting some potty work. She does a great job talking in sentences to us and most of her words are now said the correct way, although some of them were quite cute (Nolni for Nolan). Her appetite and food habits changed somewhat during the moves and new baby, but she is getting back to eating a bit better. She loves to sing and dance. She is pretty stubborn some times, but probably just average for a two year old. Nolan never really went through the terrible twos, so I think we just aren't used to it.

Nolan is doing ok in school. He seems to have little desire for reading and speeds through his writing. We have been working with him to slow down in writing so it is more legible, and trying to find books he wants to read. He has a great imagination. In spite of a few fights, he and Liana actually do play well. He just started karate and said he wants to play soccer in the spring. We unfortunately haven't done piano since Ireland, but he and we want to keep doing lessons. With this transitioning life, things like this have been hard, though.