Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Colin is Six Months Old! And other happenings

Colin is six months old! Times going pretty quick now. He is crawling around so fast, it is a little challenging thats for sure. His two bottom teeth popped in a little over a week ago, and his top two are working their way through right now. We have been cup feeding most of the time, that works the best for him. He still isn't taking naps in his crib; he wakes as soon as I lean him over. We also let him try a few solid foods recently. He had a little avocado mixed with milk and some squash. He seemed to enjoy it.

A couple days ago, Nolan started riding his bike! We had tried a few week ago, but his balance was not very good (his training wheels were too tight giving the bike no lean at all). So, he has been riding his scooter around a lot. That seemed to help his balance a lot. He hoped on his bike and just took off without a second thought the other day! We are still practicing stopping and getting going, but he will have it mastered pretty soon I suspect.