Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Liana is Two Months!

The past two months have been exciting and fun.  Nolan is a good big brother.  Liana is eating very well and getting her chunky baby legs.  And we are in the middle of our first big trip.  Liana is very alert and has been since birth.  She loves to look around with her big blue eyes.  We have great play time where she likes to smile at mom and dad.  She is doing well holding her head up.  She sleeps relatively well at night.  She has been a wonderful baby!

On Thanksgiving, Liana met her first great grandma Lillian, who was turning 80 that day.  Liana also got to meet a lot of her extended family.  Liana traveled ok in the car for 8 hours.

Liana and Great Grandma Lil

Just a couple days later, Liana got to meet yet another great grandma.

Liana and Great Grandma Corrine