Friday, April 10, 2015

Colin is Four Months Old! And other progress..

Colin is 4 months! He is getting so big. He is rolling around; we already have to be careful about where we leave him. Transitioning to expressed milk via a bottle is a struggle. Liana and I really struggled with this and I am trying to not repeat that. One morning he figured it out, but forgot by that afternoon. Yesterday he drank some from a little cup, so hopefully that is our ticket to getting this boy fed during the day. He doesn't nap very long at all; 45 minutes is long for him, usually only 20-30 minutes. He has also gotten vocal. He does some loud squeals to talk to us.

Liana is potty trained! A couple weeks ago, she really wanted to start wearing her underpants and that was the step change to get her on her potty. She has only had a couple accidents, and also has been on some long road trips. The only real problem now is she is kind of scared of large toilets, so she won't go when not at home. She screams at restaurants. I am making her use big toilets more at home to help.

Nolan likes karate. We are not real sure what he is actually learning, but thats ok. Hopefully we can find some soccer soon as he wants to play that too.