Sunday, March 18, 2012

We're Doing It Again

Yet again, our lives are changing and we are starting a new chapter.

As we decided to move to California, we assumed it was time for me to return to work.  I had spent the two prior years home with Nolan, but figured we needed to rebuild some savings and assumed I should go back to work.  Well, I did that, and learned a few things along the way.  I learned that some combination of circumstances of me returning to work made it to be the wrong thing for our family.

So, two weeks ago was my last day back in the corporate world for a while.  Yes, I resigned.

I didn't like the environment or the attitude and motivation of a lot of the people there.  I missed Nolan.  Our family life was not going as smoothly as we imagined (e.g. the house is always a mess).  We just weren't enjoying our time away from work.  We probably weren't going to be here long anyway.  And all-in-all, we are blessed that we don't have to stay unhappy.

So, I am back to being a stay at home dad for the time being.  Who knows where life will take us, but we are blessed and thank God for being faithful to us!