Monday, May 22, 2006

Thanks A lot Wendys

So, for reasons I am not going in to now, I am eating much, much less cholesterol and fat nowadays. I have mostly been watching what I eat during lunch. I recently have been enjoying the Wendy's Chicken Grill and a side salad (just replace the fries with salad, a good deal). Then yesterday, Kacey noticed on the Wendys web site that this sandwich has 70mg of cholesterol!!! What?!?! This is more than a Classic Single!! Unreal. So, we did some thinking and Arby's has Chicken Natural sandwiches. 0mg of cholesterol, cool. And, I can get a baked potato with alittle butter, and there you go! So, thanks Wendys for ruining your chicken sandwich. Man, how hard do you have to try to make a chicken sandwich that unhealthy for you!

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Anonymous said...

those communist heathen!