Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Finally back

It has been a busy couple of weeks, but I am alive. The manufacturing plant I work in is going through upgrade projects right now. My project took me 9 days or so WORKING 14 hour days, but it is done. And, just as things were supposed to slow back down, I dislocated my finger playing soccer two nights ago, so playing volleyball is out now (my favorite sport). So, now I won't have much going on at all.

Man, typing with 1 hand is terrible!

The first Pacers pre-season game is tonight. We will see how it goes. This whole story with Jack and Tinsley is still strange to me; I don't know how to take it yet. These are the two guys I thought the Pacers should have got rid of (knowing that no one really wants them though). I have hope for the new guys, though.

I have created blog alerts. Even though I am pretty sure no one else out there wants to be alerted when I write something, let me know if you do.

Mason is growing like a weed! He is up to 9.6 pounds, and still skinny! (He is tall and long). I snapped this last night.

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