Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Worst Day - Finale

Ok, so from the PR doctor, I drove back to the hotel. Still very sick, very tired, very hungry, just wanting to feel better. I was now thinking that I would feel better soon, but I was wrong. Luckily, there are Walgreens in PR, and one very near the hotel. I walk over there as soon as I get back from the doc. Although I can't read the prescription card, I figure they can. After a brief talk with the pharmacist (who doesn't speak very much english), I find out that I have to wait 2 hours. Just another reason to love the health benefits we have here. (Note, today, I had to wait about 15 minutes for meds). So, I decide to wander back to the hotel and I say to myself, in 2 hours, I will FINALLY start to feel better.

On my way back, I decide to get some juice from the grocery store since I am out. This is pretty much my favorite place to buy juice and fruit and other little snacks while I am on the island. Its close and easy. This time, no go. My corporate card was declined. What???? Can that happen??? I just pay with my personal card and move along, I want the juice pretty bad.

On my way to the hotel, I call the corp card 800 number. He explains that since I am over the $1500 limit, I can only use the card at certain "ok" locations related to business travel. I say "Isn't food an ok location?" He says "No, grocery stores are not approved by your company." Great! I am (at this time) supposed to be here another week! I am guessing, since I normally stay at the Embassy, and they charge your card when your stay is complete, that this is why this has never happened. But, I guess the Holiday Inn is different. Just another reason to stay at the Embassy.

So, I wait out the two hours. I tried to nap, but I am not a napper. Between some History channel and trying to nap, its now almost 5. Time to head to Walgreens. Finally, relief is close. When I get there, they inform me that they are out of the Brand name of one of my required meds. I say "So what, then just give me the generic!" Luckily, they hurry this preparation along since it has already been two hours. I hand them my RX card. I wait. She comes back and says "Sorry, your card is not working." Ug. What else. They call the company and they claim that I am not covered. I can't do the wait I experienced justice. It was horrible. I felt so terrible. After 40 minutes, I said "Forget it, I am in too much pain, I will pay out of pocket." Wow. Zithromax, 3 pills, $80. In all, I paid $180. (Luckily, we have since figured this out, and tomorrow we are going to Walgreens to resubmit the expense).

Well, I buy some water too, and just get back to the hotel. I say finally, relief is in sight. I take my meds and relax alittle in the room. After a few hours, something is happening. Although my head is clearing, my throat is beginning to hurt. Its kinda weird. By time I go to bed, I can't really swallow water, and when I do, its extremely painful. I don't even feel like trying to attempt food because of the pain. So no food since breakfast, and I am exhausted. Time to attempt some sleep, but due to the pain, its not working.

Finally, after a few 30-60 minute sleeping sessions, its Saturday morning.

Unfortunately, this kept up all weekend. I called to talk to my doctor's nurse on Saturday, she said let the meds work alittle more and call the doc Monday morning. I spent all day Saturday in bed, sweating, trying to sleep, trying to drink water, hopeing the pain goes away. I take a couple steamy showers, drink some tea, nothing. By Sunday morning, the room STINKS from sweat, the sheets are all wet from sweat, I have had some grapes and a banana, and I still can't swallow. Its time to go home.

Luckily, my boss is cool. He tells me to get home. And even though the northeast is a mess, I get a flight through Philly for Monday afternoon. I start taking Tylenol for pain, and it helps me sleep some Sunday night, thank goodness.

I am now back home, I saw my doctor this morning, and I am on more anti-biotics WITH pain killers! Ug. Diagnosis. . . upper respitory infection. Ears, throat, head. I am very fortunate that the flight home with pressure fluxes didn't hurt more than it did.

Well, take care everyone. We should all feel very fortunate to have such great health options here in the states who can see us quickly, care for us personally, and do what it takes to make their fellow man feel better. I am also grateful that I have a wife who supported me, even when I couldn't talk back on the phone from the throat pain, and a God who gave me strength through his Spirit.

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Fetchy said...

Damn dude. Thats insane. I just finally read all of your entries from PR. Glad to hear that your starting to feel better and even if you arnt feeling better at least you get to be with your new love!! (im not talking about my sister, im refering to the HDTV)