Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stevie Wonder Makes People Look Foolish

So we watched American Idol because they are singing Stevie Wonder, and he is on the show. So these poor people are trying to sing Stevie, and only the finest in the world can do this.

The first guy sang "Do I Do". Atleast he knew the song, but vocals were weak. The next chick sang "Blame It On the Sun". First, she didn't even really know Stevie Wonder, and she destroyed the song. You almost feel sorry for them having to sing Stevie, he can make you look foolish. The next guy was a huge Stevie fan, and he sang "Knocks Me Off My Feet". He did alright. He had a lot of respect for what he was asked to do. Another guy sang "Superstition". He didn't have a clue. Another chick sang "Lately", and forgot some words. Please. Taylor did a good job with "Living for the City". Why didn't someone sing "Sir Duke"?????

Ok, thats enough. Have a good week everyone. Go listen to some Stevie Wonder.


Kaco said...

Shhh... don't tell people that we watched American Idol. Oh well, you know you do too. There's nothing else on whenever it's on... which is all the time.

Anonymous said...

you know... I might just do it now that my interest is piqued