Thursday, February 25, 2010

Web Hosting Fun

I just wanted to get a little information out there to anyone looking for some web hosting. I have been with ipower (or ipowerweb) for almost 5 years. Their price is ok and their service is bad, so just hope nothing goes wrong (even though something goes wrong almost every year). Even though they have given me 150GB of space, if you use more than 25GB, you are in violation of their newly revised Terms of Service, and they start deleting files. This may be the last year for as I am about done with them and will transfer all pictures to Flickr. I have already had to move all my videos to my youtube channel.


Fetchy said...

WOW....that is insanely stupid.

I heart flickr (and surpass hosting)

I wonder if i can put two URLs on my hosting....?

chipbennett said...

No need to give up your domain.

Just transfer to a better host. You can get excellent hosting for $5/month or less (I just switched, too, by the way). Take a look at WPWebHost (the one I now use) or BlueHost.

Chris said...

I switched to and they are awesome!