Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Update - Safari

I hope to read about other people's experiences regarding Safari on their PCs. Here were my 3 strikes that led to setting Firefox back to my default browser

1. Safari did not import my Bookmarks from IE or Firefox - Firefox imported my Bookmarks from IE when installing and Safari didn't. You would think that is a brand new deployment of a browser to the PC world, that is something that the average Joe would want to take place automatically.
2. Gmail.com crashed Safari and continues to do so - Not much more information than that, I still can't get on gmail.com using Safari.
3. Hotmail.com crashed Safari - although I am not a huge fan of Hotmail, I still use it for certain things.

So, for now, its Firefox for me (although I am still looking forward to a couple of Safari's other features)!

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