Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! And my God bless you and yours during this season of remembrance.

So I am up on Christmas morning reading news, actually. This article about the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD war sparked a thought as I disagree with their opinion.
Some powerful voices are telling buyers to remain on the sidelines.
Consumer Reports instructed readers not to purchase either HD DVD or Blu-ray players. Film critic Roger Ebert recently wrote that he's not buying until the format war is settled.
If people take a passive approach and wait for one side to win, no one will win. We, the consumers, will continue to be the losers until some sort of agreement is made, or dual media players become more prevalent. I say pick a side, and go with it! Pick the side that you prefer (depending on if you are an XBox 360, PS3 fan, Disney fan, etc).
For consumers, picking one high-def player means some favorites flicks won't be available in their chosen format.
While this is true, the flicks will continue to be available in regular, good old DVD. So, you will be able to purchase and watch in home any movie you desire. For example, I wanted to purchase the Bourne Trilogy, but as it is not available in Blu-ray (my choice), I will purchase the DVDs. And, as I have picked Blu-ray, I have access to great titles such as The Simpsons Movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, and all Disney filmes. I say we the consumers work to end the war and pick the side we think is better (Blu-ray!) and help ensure they win the "war".

Lucky for my side, Blu-ray has Disney, which is what I hope will help end this so called war.


Kaco said...

Still can't justify purchasing an animated movie in Blu-ray... or HD DVD.

Everett White said...

I'm holding off. I'd rather not end up with 21st Century Betamax.

Chris said...

At first I thought this would be a Sony vs. the world again, which was part of why they failed in the early 80s; they refused to listen to what consumers, or anyone, wanted. At that time, it was largely recording time, or how much could one record on one cassette. With DVRs and HDDs available now, no one probably cares much that Blu-rays hold more data. Also, there are many more backers to Blu-ray than there were to Betamax; additionally there appears to be more backing of Blu-ray than there is to backing of HD-DVD in the market. Purchasing movies or writeable media is the same cost now for both formats (one disc ~$15-25). So, what do consumers care about? In my mind, its not cost (as both players are close), rather its availability of movies that matter most. I think that having Disney movies coming out on Blu-ray will start to sway a large part of the market. So this, combined with what appears to be a slight market preference to Blu-ray, leads me to believe that Blu-ray will win. My only concern currently is the backing of HD-DVD by Microsoft; they are so big, they seem to be able to do almost anything they want sometimes. So, although the war continues, I believe it, similar to the VHS/Betamax war, will be decided by the consumers.