Friday, February 15, 2008

Format War - It's Nearing the End

Lots of news today, and people are predicting the end! Good for the consumers? Well, most of them.

Engadget Death Watch

Wal-Mart bows out

Toshiba "reconsidering the market"

It is good for the consumers that were waiting to make a decision. It is bad for people like me, but not in the way you would think. See, I have been supporting Blu-ray for a while now and since I picked a camp, I have been purchasing very cheap Blu-ray discs on Amazon ($15-20 each). Once Blu-ray is declared the winner, Sony camp will have no more reason to move Blu-ray discs at severly discounted rates. Oh well...

Just curious, any readers out there declare this enough evidence to hop on board? If not, go read some of the news articles about player makers that are siding with Blu-ray as well.

UPDATE 16-Feb-2008:
This just in!

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chipbennett said...

Well, I'm trying for the best-of-both-worlds strategy. I picked up one of the dirt-cheap Toshiba HD-DVD players, but have not purchased too many discs yet.

I figure, by the 2008 holiday season, the format war will be decided (looks like it will be blu-ray), and dual-format players ought to be reasonably priced. If not, I should at least be able to build up my HD-DVD collection on the cheap until the dual-format players *are* more affordable.

Of course, having just closed on our house, we're not going to be in much of a position to start buying a lot of discs in *either* format for a while... just going to enjoy the ones we have (and the gorgeous up-conversion of our standard DVDs).