Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random Thoughts, Because It's Been Awhile


The new 10 Years album, Division, came out a few weeks back. I had been looking forward to their second major album. So far, I don't think I have been as moved as the first, but I haven't listened to it that many times. It is good, don't get me wrong. I look forward to listening to this album much more (hopefully by myself in the car, one of my favorite places to listen to CDs, due to the volume and Fosgate).

Sevendust also recently came out with a new album. You have to give these guys credit; they have been producing interesting music and touring since 1997. Their new album, Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow, includes a couple excellent guest vocals - Chris Daughtry and one of my favorites Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge. If you are a Sevendust fan, this album will not disappoint. I am still listening to this album (only been a few times so far) and so far I can say that they have continued to pour themselves out in to their music.


I have not blogged on this before. This is the second year I have put out tomatoes and peppers. Last year I only had an 8x8 raised bed plot with 8 inches of garden compost from Greendell Farms. They did ok, but the location I picked just didn't get quite enough sun. This year, I doubled the size to 16x8 and moved it out an additional 4 feet from the trees. This year I have 7 small habanero plants, and I am not quite sure if they will make it. I had to perform root surgery to separate them when planting. They are living just fine, but not really growing. I also have 3 sweet banana peppers and 3 jalapeno plants. We have 6 bell pepper plants this year; I think a mix of green and red. I also have 4 serrano plants, one of our favorite peppers for cooking. We started with 10 commercial tomato plants (5 mountain spring and 5 mountain pride), 3 Romas, and 2 cherry plants. After the June 2008 Indiana floods, I think I have lost 2 of the commercial tomatoes, and a few more may not produce much in the way of fruit this year. The peppers seemed to make it through, but time will tell. I also lost some of my compost, but almost worse is the fact that some of it was replaced with lake sediment. Within a week, we should start getting some peppers and within a few weeks, the romas should start coming in.


I have not really blogged on this much either, but I am getting very excited! Kacey worked her last day of work Friday the 20th and now will have 4 months off. The nursery has been painted and is mostly ready. Kacey will probably go empty out the baby registries next week while she is off. The crib is here, but the other furniture will be here in a few weeks. Once we have all of it together, I will post a nursery picture. We do not plan on telling people the baby's name until it is born, but I can tell you that we have not yet picked one out. This is probably the last big thing we need to figure out soon. So far the baby is doing great and mom is too, but very tired making our child!

That's enough for now. Hopefully I can get back in to this, we have been relatively busy getting ready for our new addition.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your 'maters. We tired romas last year and I wasn't too impressed, maybe you'll have better luck.
We also decided not to tell people what name we choose. At least you only have one gender to narrow down. With not finding out if its a boy or girl, we have to figure out names for both.