Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Craftsman Club

All real men out there should have a brand of tools they prefer; the name of the brand doesn't matter as your reason for picking that brand probably is based on what your dad had.

Me, I'm a Craftsman man. And yup, I have been all my life since I started using my dad's tools and then eventually purchasing my own. Are they the absolute best? Who knows, but they are my tools. They are easy to find parts for (I can order the armature for my grandpa's old drill that died) and I do love their return policy :)

As an avid Craftsman tool and appliance man, I absolutely love the Craftsman Club (it's free). I only really learned of it a couple years ago but am glad I did, and now I pass the information on to you. Each month or two, I receive a small catalog of the current sales and specials for Craftsman Club members. The first pages usually covers what each member can purchase that month for usually about 1/2 off. I generally almost always find something there I need.

This month, I think its time for a new multimeter. Mine is about 10 years old and off brand. I would kind of like two (well three, I still have my old analog meter) and can't seem to talk myself in to the price of a personal Fluke. This month Craftsman has a multimeter and EMF detector 40% off.

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