Thursday, October 09, 2008

Two Tips You Can (Maybe) Use

Tip #1 - Use Some Wasted Water

We have saved some old orange juice jugs and have placed two in each bath room and two in the kitchen. When we need hot water, we fill the jugs first. I empty them out every few days on the plants and trees in the yard which almost everyone has. I also put water on the garden and herbs occasionally. Additionally, we have a one liter bottle in the kitchen that I fill for water for the cats. If you have cats or dogs, this will easily work as well.

Tip #2 - Know Your Baby Monitor is Working

So this tip is not quite for everyone, but it is worth mentioning regardless. We realized we always wonder if the baby monitor is actually working. Yeah, it tells you by turning the light from green to red, but you always have to stare at it. What we started doing is placing a ticking clock next to the monitor. That way, we simply listen for the ticking. It has no effect on being able to listen for baby, but it easily lets you know it is still working.

More to come... I know I had three ideas, but I forgot one of them at publication :)

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