Monday, November 10, 2008

Nolan is Four Months Old!

It's hard to believe that Nolan is 4 months old today. I have not really blogged that much about fatherhood largely because I am busy living it, not typing it. Here are the 4 month stats.

14 lbs 1 oz
25 in long
turning from back to tummy (although he doesn't like being on his tummy)
standing on his own, with daddy balancing (since 2.5 months)
blowing spit bubbles
starting to grab things
one tooth popping through, and we believe a second one is coming
follows mom and dad around
lots of smiles!

Nolan at 4 months


Phillips said...

Must see nephew again before he is walking :)

seeree, phd (jan 09) said...

what a super cute little munchkin!

Moy said...

Congrats. They grow so fast now. My buddy's 6 month old son is 25lbs already. Scary. Glad I don't have one

Laine said...

Our kiddos are growing up so quickly!! Man, I can't believe 4 months have already gone by!