Monday, June 15, 2009

Nolan is Eleven Months Old!

Sorry I missed the ten month update, but we were in the middle of our move. He has grown up so much since the last update, so here we go.

19 lbs
28.5 in.
He takes steps! To this point, he has evaded the camera during his walking time.
Says mama and dada occasionally.
Hair is finally starting to get long in the back and is still blond.
His personality is really starting to show. Nolan is very goofy and fun to play with during the day.
He is starting to get ticklish.
He loves to climb on stuff and is trying desperately to climb on the couch.
He claps. When he first started clapping he would do it when he was mad. Then he stopped for a few weeks. Now he claps when happy.
He loves to "read" books. Sometimes he will stop playing, crawl to his room and start flipping through books. It is very cute.
He eats lots of food including spaghetti, bell pepper, potatoes (sweet and white), lots of fruit, green beans, zucchini, squash, crackers, bread, and what ever drops on the floor.
We had to call Poison Control for the first time. He ate a little deodorant, but is fine.

April pictures are posted on May should be up soon.

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Everett said...

See what happens when I neglect my Google Reader? I get thousands of unread items and I miss posts like this. Nolan is getting big! ...and looking like his dad =)