Sunday, November 22, 2009

PC Remote Access

I am looking for recommendations for free remote access programs to use while I am back in Indiana over Christmas. I really only need file access, but can get by with desktop access only. For years I used Avvenu, but that was taken away last year, and I haven't needed anything since then.

I have used VNC in the past, but only inside my firewall. I have also heard good things about LogMeIn, but no real details. I currently use Windows Remote desktop within our home network.

Anything else you use I should consider? Any schemes through firewalls you have found secure and easy?


Apex Ninja said...


Try LogMeIn. Below is a download link or just go directly to


MikeFrizzi said...

LogMeIn gets a lot of attention, but I would reccommend you check out They have a great remote access product as well and you can grab the free trial to check it out.