Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This past weekend we traveled down to Orvieto, one of the coolest hill towns in Umbria. Every time you drive to Rome, you pass a town very high on a cliff right off of the A-1; this is Orvieto. The duomo here has quite the interesting facade. We also had some very delicious gelato here.

Pictures from Orvieto

We stayed the night just outside Orvieto and the next morning, drove to Lake Bolsena. We drove toward the water in Bolsena in hopes to play at the beach for a while. We thought for Nolan's birthday, he would like to do that. We played for about an hour before getting on the road for lunch and to get home. We didn't have a good chance to take some good pictures of the lake unfortunately (it was beautiful), but on our way back to the A-1, we captured this panorama of Orvieto.
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Phillips said...

Did you eat at the gelato place that is just to the left of the Duomo and at the end of that area? I think it had a striped or green awning outside of it but I can't remember the name. I think that was the very first place we had gelato once we left Rome.