Thursday, December 02, 2010

Our New Temporary Life, and Nolan

The last couple months have been interesting. Not interesting because we are (supposed to be) living overseas. More interesting because of the lack of living overseas. After we realized Nolan and I would not be able to re-enter Europe, we had to quickly adjust to a new, temporary life... in Toledo. That is about as much as I want to say here. But, we are very grateful for what we have and are trying to turn it in to opportunities.

Nolan seems to soak up new things like a sponge, which is typical of this age I suppose. We knows his ABCs and can identify each letter, knows his numbers to around 15 (need to increase that), and recently learned how to spell his name. And he seems to love learning new things. He asks all the time now, "what is that". A couple things that concern me is the fact that it seems like he can't gain weight. He eats pretty well, but very little processed food. He is also super-active, so maybe that combination has something to do with it. All I know is that I am getting tired of his pants always falling down. Although he eats pretty well, I feel like he should be accepting of eating more new types of food. In my opinion the variety of food he eats is low, but I try to remember that I will eat anything and he is only 2.

And after trying to capture it on video for about a month, here he is saying his ABCs!

Nolan spelling his name


Sara Zembrodt said...

I wouldn't worry to much about not gaining weight if all else is fine. Toby has gained weight in quite a while, but he is still healthy and growing (mostly taller). I think he just uses all the fuel he consumes running non-stop (and driving us crazy :D)

Dave said...

Dooooooooood. I am loving this blog!!! Your life is crazy right now. Good luck in Toledo...I'm sure it's a tough culture change from Europe. Thanks for inspire me to be a better man and a great dad (eventually!).

Chris said...

Thanks Dave! The past couple years, I have mostly written things to remember; my memory is poor. I'll tell you, though, I am looking forward to a life that isn't crazy for a little while. I need like a 6 month break from the craziness ;)