Monday, August 29, 2011

My Nikon 18-200 VR Lens Experience

In case someone else out there is searching the web, as I did, trying to figure out why their front lens element is falling off their 18-200 VR lens from Nikon, I will share my experiences with this. I baby my lens, especially compared to my bro-in-law; I keep it dry, I don't throw it ever, things like that. But, I do use my light hood a lot when outside; and since my camera and lens will not fit in my bag with the light hood on, I frequently reverse it back on the lens to store it.

A few months ago, the lens stopped auto-focusing to infinity at 200mm. Eric was around when this happened, so we swapped lenses and learned that it was my lens, not my camera. I learned that I could still focus manually, so I sadly shrugged it off. Then, just about a month ago when hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, I noticed that I could not even manually focus to infinity at 200mm, and this really frustrated me. I also noticed that the front element felt a little loose. When I got home I inspected and saw that it was very loose!

I got online and started searching. I found a few threads around that indicated that their front element was coming loose and preventing focusing as mentioned above. Some people did not have the extended warranty I got for free, so they were fixing it themselves. I was still under warranty, so back to Nikon it went.

This was the best thread I found on this issue:

If this happened to you, good luck!

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Tammy Lau said...

My filter len fell off a month ago with 6 screws holding it all came off! My first reaction was like "WHAT"> I know the len was made in Thailand and I know it's refurbished len but still this is NOT what I expected from a $850 len! Anyway, I screwed all the screws back myself and 3 days ago when I went back to B&H store to buy a wide angle len, the guy told me if I screw the len back myself the len might NOT focus too well!!! I am furious because my trip is coming in 9 days and I do not have time to send it back to NIkon! tmr I will try to exchange the len (even though I owned it for 6 months!! I hope I will succeed! But do you if I screw the filter oen back myself whether it will be out focus or not??