Friday, March 21, 2014

Liana is Eighteen Months Old!

My how time flies! She is a brave little explorer. She loves to climb and is learning how to get herself down from situations. She also knows she can ask me for something not in the room so she has time to climb up on the couch. She says water, baby, happy, memaw, papaw, Nolni (for Nolan), dada, momma, apple, nana (for banana), cat, and a few more words. She loves to say neigh-neigh for a horse.

She hasn't enjoying sitting still to read as much as Nolan did, but we are starting to do a little more lately. I have been reading some color books to her. She also likes to build things with her blocks occasionally. She is a happy girl and likes to dance to music. She makes silly faces with me too.

Pictures of Liana

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