Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Colin is Nine Months Old!

This little guy is progressing well. He still seems small, but eats ok and is super active. He is walking! He started taking steps a few weeks ago, and now he almost walks more than crawls around. He can stand up quite well without holding on to anything. I need to find some more foods for him to eat. It is funny how you forget what you used to feed the first two kids when they were this age! He is very goofy; laughing and giggling a lot. He likes to dance and wiggle to music. He is also starting to learn how to climb up on things, so that will get interesting. Liana and Nolan both had very kid friendly play areas at this age; Colin, not so much. He still won't lay down for a nap except for maybe once a week. Most days, I still hold him.

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