Sunday, January 06, 2008

Web Hosting

I am curious of everyone out there - who hosts your website and are you pleased?

I have been a user of ipowerweb for a couple years now. I have been having problems recently, but didn't think anything of it for a few days. Now, as I started googling ipowerweb, I see the news. They have been having major problems for months and there are talks of lawsuits and massive movements to other web hosting solutions.

So, I am just getting ready to move...

I know some of you out there appear to have a small hosting of a blog, and then use flickr for photos. Photos is my major use of my website, so I am now considering this route too.

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chipbennett said...

I use Doteasy (, and I love their service. I have used them for eight years now, and in fact just renewed through 2012.