Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008 Olympics!

As most of you out there may be doing as well, we are fitting a lot of Olympics watching in to our schedule. It has been a little busy, but we have watched most of the sports with which we find interest. For Chris: all volleyball (mens, womens, indoor, sand), basketball, some swimming, softball, some track and field, and a few other things when we feel like it. Kacey watches swimming, diving, gymnastics, and probably a few other things I can not recall right now.

We have been enjoying everything in HD thanks to local HD broadcasting and Universal HD (broadcasting MSNBC feeds). We record nearly everything during the day and night, and each afternoon watch the sports we like, fast-forwarding through all which we are not too interested in.

I have also stopped checking the news on They have started putting spoilers on the front page banner and main headline story! I liked it better when they supplied a link to an "Olympic Update". CNN ruined mens 100m dash for me yesterday...

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