Friday, August 08, 2008

Smiles? Close Enough!

We have been getting some gas grins from Nolan the past couple weeks. I would say this afternoon was the first time he was looking at us and gave us some grins. In the next month, they should grow and increase, but it is just an indescribable feeling!

I am not much of a writer. I struggle with describing how our first month has been. Today, Nolan is four weeks old, and having something so precious has been the best thing imaginable. I want to spend time with him and watching him constantly. It's hard to stay at work, I feel like I am missing his life.

I love holding him, feeding him, changing him, walking him, rocking him to sleep, looking at him, talking to him, you name it.

More pics to come to the web site soon.

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Kaco said...

dont try to feed dont have milk :P