Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So the title of this post is a little wide-open, but it is what I want to discuss. Nolan is getting to an age where I feel he needs more variety in his diet (I can tell when he is tired of eating something). For quite some time, he ate chick peas every day for lunch along with one or two veggies, some fruit, and a piece of multi-grain bread. Dinner is not too bad as Kacey usually whips up something consisting of either pasta or tortillas.

I have tried grilled cheese which he will eat if the cheese is melted enough but the bread not too crispy (fun for daddy as Nolan doesn't like unmelted cheese, crazy boy!). I haven't tried peanut butter and jelly for him yet as we only have crunchy peanut butter. I haven't given him lunch meat yet out of fear of foodborne illness. What other healthy ways do folks out there get protein and grains for their kids? Nolan also doesn't really like eggs and that is ok as we don't really cook with them or buy them frequently. I am considering buying fresh, organic chicken breast from the store down the street that sells it for Nolan and I to eat at lunch.


seeree, phd said...

Not that this is at all helpful, but Eli is a crazytime and only eats processed meats (like meatballs and breakfast sausage). Actually, last week my mom made spaghetti and meatballs and Eli kept asking for more meatballs. and then when they wouldn't give him anymor meatballs, telling him to eat the spaghetti, he got out of his chair and took a meatball off his dad's plate. He's such a goofball it's so funny not to laugh, even when he's being bad. Not exactly the healthy idea you were looking for, but hilarious all the same. Eli has entered a stage of strawberry obsession. He's always asking for strawberries, and my mom doesn't always have them. And his "i want strawberries" sounds like "i want daddy to follow me" to me.

Kaco said...

Chris should add that he prefers something not too messy. Thawed frozen strawberries are loved by Nolan but not on Chris's list. :) they are admittedly quite messy unless we feed them to him. He is good with fruit and veggies though.

seeree, phd said...

I think that the year Eli has on Nolan helps with the messy factor - a lot of hand eye coordination to develop! Though Eli eats the strawberry leaves too (yes, i'm laughing as i'm typing), and if you try to take the strawberry away before he eats the leaves, he gets MAD! (He's two and he's good at it.) He also LOVES hummus - he gets his own container because he just uses the pretzel like a spoon and goes back for more. Yes, messy, but he's gotten good enough that messy is mostly only on face and hands - not clothes. I know I'm probably not being helpful at all, but I am totally laughing as I write this. And I think I'm probably more helpful that the someone who suggested habanero peppers.