Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nolan is Eighteen Months Old!

Well, we are a couple weeks late, but we were out of town. Here we go!

21.9 lbs
32.25 inches tall
He has been working on eating with a fork and is getting better at it.
He can count to two! (
We are working on colors still. Sometimes we think he gets it, and sometimes it seems like he doesn't.

So yeah, he is still a light weight. And we are not sure why as he is a good eater, he just doesn't eat much pre-packaged food, milk, or meat (he is also a very active boy and mommy is small). The doctor has given us some ideas for more calcium, iron, and fat intake, so I will be working on those over the next few weeks. Ideas include bok choy, green beans, more butter, organic chicken breast, creamy peanut butter, and more cow's milk. We also learned that one of his favorite veggies, cucumbers, doesn't do much for him right now.

December pictures are posted (

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