Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Is Going On?

It has been a little hectic around here. But so some day I can look back and reflect on what we did, here we go with an update...

Kacey, of course, has to continue going to class and turning in projects and giving presentations. But now, she is mostly done! Just a few more study sessions and one more final to go!

We started packing little bits a few weeks ago. I also put a deposit down on a storage unit that about 6 people will share. Slowly and surely I would pack a little more each day. Then about a week ago, I started assembling boxes for "real" packing. Kitchen, bathroom, clothes, random junk... you know, stuff that makes your apartment look like you are moving. I took as many boxes as would fit in the car yesterday morning to acquire our storage unit. Today I rented a small U-Haul truck to take boxes, a desk, some tables, and lots of large items that are just in the way and ready to go. Too bad it still looks like we have a ton of crap! Tuesday, the plan is one of Kacey's classmates will come over after class and help me move the items I can't do by myself. TV, bed, couch, three dressers, bookcase, another desk. Then we will also grab a few of his things. So by Tuesday night, our apartment will be naked. Then I will probably have to take a couple car loads Wednesday and Thursday.

That is ok because Thursday night we get in the car with the cats and drive through the night until we reach Indiana! We figure since Kacey is used to staying up until like 1am, she will drive from 9pm-1am. Then we will stop and if I feel up to it, I will drive for a few hours. If we need to stop for some short naps, we have plenty of time to reach Indiana by Friday afternoon. We will be in Indiana for about 5 days. Not much planned yet, just visiting friends and family. Then we get driven to Toledo (our car is staying in Indy, I think), with a stop in F-Dub to visit with Eric, and stay in Toledo until June 1. Then we fly back to Boston, spend the night, then get ready for our flight to Florence on June 2!

It is funny. This is half a brain dump for sharing and half for me to think about how we are going to do this :)

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Jason said...

Just amazing...I remember doing most of the same stuff almost a year ago as I was getting ready to leave for our trip! I'm happy for you guys, enjoy the experience!!