Sunday, January 27, 2008

Looking for Someone Smarter Than Me

I have been working to get my neighborhood included in online map web sites. It was built in 2000/2001 and is still not viewable online. Some research determined that NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas provide most of the map information for the US. And, you know which company provides for a particular area based on what company logo shows up at the bottom right of a particular map you are viewing. NAVTEQ provides most of the data for the neighborhoods and town around me. I then learned that I could create a map report on NAVTEQ's web site requesting them to update their information. I did that in December 2007 (they also indicated that updates can at their quickest take 3-4 months). Then, I cruised over to TeleAtlas only to learn that their maps DO include our neighborhood!

So, why the rambling? Well, today I was doing some research on local businesses and came across a site that had an embedded Google Map (my preference), showing my neighborhood! I became excited as I hoped that finally, someone could map directions to my house! But, all it has done is made me realize there is a lot about Google's Map services I do not understand.

Here is what I found. This is a screen capture of what I found, showing my neighborhood.

Here is what I am used to seeing.

So, I examined the URL of the new map and found the &key parameter used created a much more updated map (you will notice other differences between the two maps, and in all cases, the first map is correct).

After some searching, I know very little about the &key parameter! I will start posting on some forums to learn what has been done, but hopefully someone may stumble upon this and inform me what is going on.


Fetchy said...

please post the links to both!!

Chris said...

I almost did on the post, but didn't.

Link with the subdivision

Link without the subdivision

So the key value is ABQIAAAAH_dCH5TkqXSDe68UKX30mhQLV_ma2foQ0kzHx8LuOP_yDpd9kBReQdYl0HqHUUVtCIQQeZf6BRlvYw